Create an Installation

sudoSignals can be used to monitor, control, and restart applications. We treat a computer as an installation which can manage and control multiple applications. Installations have a unique product-id which is used to link your computer and all of its operations to the web dashboard.

Let's get started by creating an installation.

1. Open the sudoSignals Dashboard

Start by heading to the sudoSignals dashboard at

2. Create an Installation

If you're creating your first installation you can click Get Started.

Create Installation 001

If you already have an installation, and want to add another click the plus icon in the upper right to create a new installation.

Create Installation 002

3. Name Your Installation

When the Create New Installation dialogue opens you can enter a descriptive name for your installation and the click Create It.

Create Installation 003

After creating your installation, you'll be directed back to your dashboard where you can see a card with all of the at-a-glance details for your installation.

Create Installation 004