This plugin operates by communicating to the sudoSignals local service installed on your machine. For more information on how to install check out the getting started instructions.

To getting started using NodeJS and learn more about developing NodeJS apps check out

To install the sudoSignals plugin into your nodeJS project use the following:

npm i sudosignals_nodeplugin

You can then bring the sudoSignals code into your project with the following:

//require the signals plugin 
var SignalsPlugin = require('sudosignals_nodeplugin').SignalsPlugin

//Specify configured port for sudoSignals service
const SERVICE_PORT = 80

//Insert Process id from process configuration page in dashboard

//Create plugin.
var myPlugin = new SignalsPlugin(SERVICE_PORT, id=PROCESS_ID, onConnect=()=>{
	console.log('Plugin has connected to signals service.')