Term Definition
service The application that runs on a machine in a venue. This application will communicate with other apps that you want to control remotely.
plugin The generalized framework developed for a specialized environment - i.e. the sudoSignals TouchDesigner plugin.
card The at-a-glance representation of an installation on the web dashboard.
graph The 2D line graph of data presented in the view of an installation.
process One application you wish to control with sudoSignals.
controlled process An application that you intend to control remotely with sudoSignals.
product-id The internal ID used by sudoSignals to associate a user with installations.
signals-id A generated ID used by sudoSignals to communicate with your local processes.
signals-name The user generated name attached to a process run on an installation.
installation A computer resource you wish to monitor and control.
reports Key-value pairs that are sent from controlled processes to the web dashboard to be graphed.